One year ago if someone told me I would make an effort to pack and travel with essential oils I’d laugh and wonder what kinda weirdo travels with essential oils. Then again, one year ago if someone told me I’d be starting a doTERRA business… oh wait, here were are.

My journey with essential oils was a non starter for about two years. I had a couple of oil samples that I didn’t really use and we lived our lives as we always had. But when we hit a really rough health patch a year ago I knew I needed to do something to turn things around, without always leaning on pharmaceuticals.

Here we are one year later and I can’t imagine being without our oils, not even for the length of a flight. And that brings me to our upcoming trip to Toronto. I was recently listening to my favorite Memories in Moments podcast by my good friend and #momboss @allisoncartercelebrates. On this particular podcast, she was featuring @ashleydsp, mom motivator and hilarious truth bomb dropper! Ashley reminded me of a hard truth – we only have 18 summers with our kids and we have an opportunity to really create amazing memories during these long summer days.

Fast forward one date night, two glasses of wine and three plane tickets to Toronto. ✈ Three tickets you ask? Yes, this weak heart of mine decided to book a 10 day trip to see my family with a 3 and 5 year old… without Julio, aka superdad. It seemed like a great idea at the time. 🀣

Alas this post isn’t about DMUI (decision making under the influence). I wanted to share a couple of tips for traveling with oils, along with my “don’t leave home without them” favorites. Let’s start with those travel tips:

Remember Your Staples
There are oils we use every day to support our emotional (Copaiba), physical (OnGuard) and sleep (Lavender) health. No trip is complete without them.

Consider Your Environment
Whenever I travel I consider which elements may be different from home, and what oils may help with those elements. Seattle summers are beautiful, but Toronto can be hot, humid and the mosquitoes are the size of a small child. TerraShield Spray is a must for those blood suckers! Are you traveling across timezones and will jetlag be an issue? You’ll want oils to help you get to sleep (Serenity) and to pick you up during the day as you adjust to the new schedule (Slim & Sassy).

Pick Your Carry-On Must Haves and Check the Rest
I tend to stick to roller bottles only in my carry-ons. I want to have the most important oils on hand for our family, but I don’t want the hassle of oil bottles on the airplane. I put the oil bottles in a Tress Wellness padded case I picked up on Amazon and pack them in my checked luggage.

Motion Sickness and Flight Anxiety Relief
Though I don’t suffer from either motion sickness or fear of flying, a number of my friends and family do. They’re had a lot of success flying with a Motion Sickness roller (recipe below) and Copaiba Softgels for anxiety relief.

Don’t Forget Your Diffuser
There are tons of diffusers out there but my preferred travel diffuser is doTERRA’s Lumo diffuser. This one wins for travel because it’s small and has a 10 hour setting that I can set in the bedrooms overnight. When we travel to island destinations we also bring little lava rock diffuser disks and put them on the ground in each room with oils to ward off critters (TerraShield, Peppermint and Cedarwood). You know, the bugs that look more like rats? doTERRA sold theirs during the holiday season, but Amazon carries a few different kinds too.

I’ll be posting throughout the week to share what and how I pack. Here is my list of both carry-on and checked luggage oils.

Carry-On Oils
These are all roller bottle format, and I follow the TSA carry-on luggage guidelines. For flights only, I pack my roller bottles into a Ziploc bag and then put them into my usual roller bottle bag for easy access in the security checkpoint. There are tons of cute options online, look for something that is vinyl lined or waterproof like this one. I got mine, a pencil case, for $3 at Anko in the Seattle area.

πŸ’› OnGuard Hand Sanitizer (because… airports, airplanes, children)
πŸ’› OnGuard or Immunity Roller (recipe below) and OnGuard Beadlets
πŸ’› Breathe (do you tend to get congested on airplanes? Yup!)
πŸ’› DigestZen (who doesn’t get a stomach ache when they travel?)
πŸ’› Copaiba Softgels (I pack a few in these little makeup jars in case some travel anxiety sets in, the bottle goes in my checked luggage)
πŸ’› Lavender and/or Calmer (to help busy toddlers relax on the airplane and get some sleep at our final destination. Lavender is also my go to for skin irritations)
πŸ’› Melaleuca (Tea Tree) (for skim blemishes, irritations and after shaving)
πŸ’› PastTense (amazing headache relief which tend to creep up during stressful international travel, alone with two kids)
πŸ’› Motivate and Cheer (I just always have these on hand when I need get productive/overcome procrastination or boost my mood like after my 3rd day of solo travel with the girls)
πŸ’› CorrectX and BandAids (for scrapes and cuts)


Full Bottle Oils
There are a few extras I pack into the checked luggage because I like them diffused throughout the day and night, or because I drink them in my water to stay hydrated and clear out toxins on the road.

πŸ’› Serenity (because sleep is life, for parents and the kids)
πŸ’› Frankincense (the king of oils has so many uses I take it everywhere)
πŸ’› Geranium (I mix this into my doTERRA face lotion that also comes on our trips)
πŸ’› Wild Orange and Lemon (these are my favorites in my water)
πŸ’› Citrus Bliss (my favorite multi purpose diffuser blend because it smells like a Creamsicle)
πŸ’› Balance (to ease travel tensions)
πŸ’› Deep Blue Rub (for any aches and pains)
πŸ’› doTERRA Supplements (I’ll have a future post on which supplements we take as a family, never skip a day)
πŸ’› doTERRA Immortelle serum, Hydrating Cream and Anti-Aging Eye Cream


Motion Sickness Roller Recipe
In a 10 ml* roller bottle:

4 drops Peppermint
4 drops Lavender
4 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drops Ginger
3 drops Cassia
2 drops Frankincense

Other oils that work great in this mix are DigestZen, Wild Orange and Slim & Sassy. My #1 question I had when I was starting out with oils was “what do I do when I don’t have one of these oils?” Don’t worry about it! Use whatever you have on hand or borrow a few drops from a friend and adjust the quantities based on what you have. Only have Peppermint and Lavender? Add 10 drops of each.

Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO). Roll on your stomach, back of your neck and behind your ears. Some of my friends also like to roll it right under their nose because the scent distracts them from thinking about their nausea.


Immunity Roller
In a 10 ml* roller bottle add:

4 drops Lemon
4 drops Breathe
4 drops OnGuard
2 drops Melaleuca
2 drops Frankincense
1 drop Oregano

Top with FCO. Roll on the spine and bottoms of the feet in the morning and before bed. During cold and flu season I also roll this on the back of the neck in the afternoon whenever we are all hanging around in the kitchen or a common area of our house.
*Cut each recipe in half if using a 5 ml roller bottle

I hope you found this post helpful! If I can help you get started with oils or answer any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at!