Anyone else out there preparing for winter like the apocalypse is coming? We get a lot of wind storms around here so we’re test driving the generator and stocking up on bottled water and canned foods. And when it comes to our health, we’re also prepared with all of our cold and flu survival blends!

One thing I really wanted in our toolbelt was a homemade popsicle made with our favorite immune boosting, sore throat soothing and cough suppressing natural remedies. Turns out it doesn’t exist in the market so I decided to make it myself last weekend. They are a HIT with the girls and I know it will bring them relief if they get sick, and also help boost their immune system as they fight off their colds.

Sick Kid Popsicle Recipe

These are super simple and incorporate our favorite natural remedies:

💛 1 drop On Guard and 2 drops Peppermint Essential Oils (This is the total amount for ALL popsicles, NOT EACH popsicle… a little goes a LONG way. More is NOT better, read on below to learn why.)
💛 1 tsp per popsicle Gaia Kids Bronchial Wellness
💛 1 tbsp per popsicle Elderberry Syrup (our favorite is Everything Elderberry)
💛 Your favorite juice to top up the popsicles


Add 1 tsp of Bronchial Wellness and 1 tbsp of elderberry syrup to each popsicle mold. Top with juice. Then transfer all of the liquids to bowl and add 1 drop On Guard essential oil and 2 drops Peppermint essential oil. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but On Guard is a hot oil so you want to take it easy! In fact, if you prefer to skip the On Guard and just use Peppermint to soothe cough and upset stomach you can do that too! I like the On Guard because it’s great for sore throats.

Once you have everything in the bowl give it a good stir to distribute the thicker syrups and essential oils into the juice. Transfer back into the molds and freeze. Ready for when you need them!

*If you decide to taste test the liquid you’ll find the On Guard tingles on your lips. This goes away when the On Guard is frozen into the popsicles. Kid approved!*