doTERRA essential oils are expensive. Wait what? Bet you never thought you’d hear that from a wellness advocate right? But I’m being honest. For someone who hadn’t previously integrated essential oils or natural products into their home, I remember thinking “this bottle costs $21, I can get 6 “pure” essential oils on Amazon for that price”!

Do I now understand how these essential oils are priced? YES! Do I get every penny’s worth out of these babies? YOU KNOW IT! Has the impact on my family been significant enough that I’ve overhauled almost every product in our life and replaced it with a doTERRA alternative? HECK YES!

It’s really important to me that each of you get all of the value out of your essential oil purchases. I literally get sick to my stomach thinking about someone buying a starter kit, shelving them and never getting any use or benefit out of them. So with that, here are my 8 best tips for getting the most use out of your oils!

doterra essential oil mantra: a little goes a looooong way

doTERRA essential oils are some of the most effective essential oils in the world. doTERRA has incredibly ethical sourcing and testing practices, ensuring that the oils are pure and very potent. As a result, each drop of oil offers tremendous benefits and a beautiful scent. You are better off using tiny amounts throughout your day, versus a lot of oil all at one time (especially with the little ones). When in doubt, use less oil and work your way up if needed. I use 3-4 drops of oil if diffusing in a bedroom, 6-8 drops for very large space like an open kitchen/dinning/living room.


keep them nearby (but out of reach of the littles)

When I first got my Home Essentials kit (replaced with the Healthy Home kit), I put the diffuser in our kitchen and put all of the oils in our master bathroom cabinet. In order to use the oil, I would have to walk from the kitchen to the bathroom to grab what I wanted at that time. At night I’d move the diffuser to my daughter’s bedroom to diffuse at night. Then back to the kitchen in the morning. After a few days I got too lazy to get the oils, and just stopped using them altogether.

Those oils kept staring me in the face though, day after day. My “frugal” aka “cheap ass” side decided I was not going to throw that money away. I went online and ordered a few more diffusers staring with the low cost ones from Amazon because I wasn’t yet prepared to spend $70 per diffuser. I put them in each of the bedrooms, my home office and my work office.

Next, I found these awesome office organizers on super sale at a Nordstrom Rack and bought a bunch. Look around your area at the local Rack, Ross, Marshalls, and Dollar Store or online. These don’t need to be fancy! I have these in every single room in the house where I need my oils: laundry room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and office. I’m never more than a few feet from our oils. When you see it, you use it!

SAFETY NOTE: My kids (now 3 and 6) are pros when it comes to oils. They understand how to use them, and what can go on their skin and into their water, and what they need to leave up to mom and dad. That said, if you have young children or are new to oils, I would keep them out of reach from your little ones. I learned this the hard way when my girls dumped half a bottle of Petitgrain into their diffuser and we had to keep every window in the house open for 3 days to air it out. Better safe than sorry!

Add them on to an existing habit

The best way to create a new habit is to tag on to an existing habit! I apply this fact to my essential oil routine too. Here are a few ideas:

๐Ÿ’› Do you read at night? Put your diffuser near your book on your nightstand. Fill up your diffuser and while you’re at it, add a drop of Balance on the bottoms of your feet
๐Ÿ’› Add a drop of Geranium and Copaiba to your moisturizer (I use doTERRA’s Hydrating cream)
๐Ÿ’› Keep a bottle of Lemon and Wild Orange on the kitchen counter near the sink or wherever you fill your water glass/bottle every day. Two drops into water makes me more likely to hit my water intake goals each day!
๐Ÿ’› Keep kids’ roller bottles in the kitchen where they eat breakfast in the morning or do homework at night. We give the girls their daily supplements and they reach for the oil rollers at the same time



integrate them into your green cleaning routine

I always say “start slowly” when it comes to oils. Over time, make small changes that allow you to use your oils more regularly. One great way to do that, is to replace your cleaning supplies with a green version made with doTERRA products. My go-tos are the On Guard laundry detergent, On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, plus the dishwasher powder, glass cleaner and toilet pods from Ange Peters’ amazing green cleaning guide!


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ask Yourself: is there an oil for that?

It took me months to get to this point but for most of life’s needs, I will reach for a doTERRA product first. I got here by intentionally asking myself “is there an oil for that” until the most common solutions became second nature. Today, we reach for an oil in 99% of the common ailments we have from headaches, to boosting immunity, busting fevers, and soothing coughs, to sore throats, to growing pains and bumps,ย bruises and skin irritations. We also manage feelings of anxiety, stress, nervousness, fear and excitement by reaching for essential oils. It feels so great knowing that we’re taking care of our bodies with these natural resources! And when something new comes up, a quick Pinterest search helps me track down what I need! For example, here is my favorite combination of products for a smooth, bump free shave.

keep those empty oil bottles

I use sample and leftover empty doTERRA oil bottles for two main purposes in our home:

๐Ÿ’› Splitting a bottle for multiple rooms:ย Early on I wasn’t ready to jump in and buy 4 bottles of On Guard, one for each of the rooms where we diffuse it regularly. So instead I bought these little bottles online and split my main bottle into smaller bottles for each of our rooms.

๐Ÿ’› Blend oils together for ease of use:ย For bedtime we blend together the following oils in the girls’ bedrooms (On Guard (1 drop), Serenity (2 drops) and Breathe (1 drop)). I got tired of opening three oil bottles every night for this routine. So once I emptied the first Serenity bottle I decided to make a mix of 2 parts Serenity, 1 part On Guard and 1 part Breathe in the leftover 15 mL Serenity bottle. Each 15 mL bottle contains 250 drops of oil. That means I mix 125 drops of Serenity, 63 drops of On Guard and 63 drops of Breathe in the bottle. For our bedroom, we mix 2 drops Serenity, 1 drop Cedarwood and 1 drop On Guard.

These handy stickers are great for labeling your little sample bottles!

I also love to sample potential and existing customers! If you’re located in the United States and would like to sample any of these beautiful oils, contact me at!ย 

take advantage of bogo week

It’s not a guarantee but doTERRA usually has a BOGO sale three times per year: February, July and November. Anytime there is a staple item I use on there I max it out. For example, they recently had a “buy On Guard, get Breathe free” deal. SCORE! We use both of those every single day, I bought the max of 5 bottles. The oils last so long, I keep the extras stored in my office closet until I run out in the bedrooms. The BOGOs also make great gifts for oil loving friends and family!

take them with you

I keep oils anywhere I spend time. That means I’ve got rollers in my purse at all times. I’ve got a setup of oils and a diffuser in my office, along with things my officemates love like Deep Blue rub, Adaptiv, Balance, and On Guard and Breathe drops for cold and flu season. I never travel without our oils, and recently wrote a blog about traveling with oils and deciding what to pack for your trip! The blog also includes recipes for immunity and motion sickness rollers which are a must for travelers!


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got questions or want help getting started with doterra essential oils?

I hope you found this resource helpful! I’d love to hear your tips for getting the most value out of your essential oil purchases. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! And if you’d like to get started using doTERRA essential oils, I’d love to help you on your journey!

Contact me anytime at!


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