“These 10 Essential Oils Will Shorten Your Cold Overnight”
“Clean and Natural Solutions for Food Coloring”
“All You Need To Know About Essential Oils and Cancer”
“Green Cleaning: 7 natural solutions that really work”

Can you hear that? Do you see it? That’s the world making a major shift. After many, many years of reaching for laboratory made solutions, families around the world are increasingly searching for natural solutions and essential oils to maximize their health, prevent and treat illness. They’re evaluating products in their home to understand how they impact their health, from the food they eat, to cleaning and body products, medicine in their cabinets and unidentified fragrances in everything including toys. I mean, can someone please tell me why Rainbocorns have to smell like a strip club trying to cover up some undesirable odors? What are you hiding Rainbocorns?!?!?

The world is slowly waking up. As a mother of two young girls, I’m on this road too. Not long ago I proudly said “I ate that all my life, I turned out fine.” Or “we used that in our house growing up, and look at me now!” From the outside, we appeared happy and healthy, like we had everything a family might need. But then I decided to really start paying attention. Was I fine? Is waking up in pain every morning really a normal part of the aging process or an outcome of birthing two babies? Why was I always tired despite my kids regularly sleeping through the night? And why was my then 2 year old at the pediatrician’s office or hospital every month getting treated for croup? Why was catastrophic anxiety ruling my life but I wasn’t present enough in my own body to realize l wasn’t OK?

Want to know what I learned? That many of these things are so common now that we assume it’s normal. At 37, waking up and needing 30 minutes to warm up my joints, without any other history of obesity, disease or injury is not normal. And if we prioritize ourselves and our family’s health, we can affect our wellbeing far more than most over the counter drugs or prescriptions. WE CAN BE THE BOSS OF OUR HEALTH! But many people don’t know where to start, or they’re overwhelmed when they start to think about making changes across all of their areas of their lives. Or they get started and have momentum for a couple of months, and then go back to their previous habits.

So I’m partnering together with some of my favorite experts to create a community for people wanting to implement small, manageable changes to improve the health of their families. The goal of our challenge is to provide information at a pace that isn’t overwhelming. I want you to choose to implement one of the recommendations, all of the recommendations, or none at all. I want you to do what works for your family, based on the season that you’re currently in. And that can vary greatly over a period of a week, month, year and your entire life. 

So What is this challenge?

Every month we’ll have a theme creating a focus around one area of our lives where we can implement small, sustainable changes to improve our health and wellness. Each month I’ll share information on the common challenges families face in these areas and how implementing improvements can impact our wellbeing. The goal will be to serve up ideas that work for any budget and for the busiest of families. This will include DIY solutions, doTERRA products as well as other clean, safe alternatives found in your neighborhood grocery store or online.

Where is this community?

Information will be shared in our email list, on this blog and @theparentessentials Instagram account with #2020BeTheBossOfYourHealth. I’m excited about all of the ideas our community can bring together, to learn from and inspire each other!

I’m listening but i want an example

A very simple example is Green Cleaning month which will come in the spring when many of us are spring cleaning. Taking an All Purpose cleaner for example, you may currently be purchasing one of the most popular brands (Formula 409 Antibacterial Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaner) that has an “F” rating on the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning.

Three simple swaps might include:
💛 DIY All Purpose Cleaner using ingredients you have in your home (recipes will be shared in each monthly blog post)
💛 doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate with a few drops of lemon, grapefruit, melaleuca or your other favorite cleaning powerhouse essential oils
💛 Another safe alternative found in a local grocery store or online (like Ecos All-Purpose Cleaner, Orange Plus)

Other themes during the year will include nutrition, body care products, fragrances lurking in your home, and boosting immunity heading into cold and flu season. Lots of self love and self care, because self care is health care!

is there a cost

Heck no! The information we share and the support of our community is free. And because I’m naturally very budget conscious, I will make recommendations for products that are budget friendly (it doesn’t get much cheaper than baking soda and vinegar yet they’re some of the safest and most powerful cleaning tools we have).

i’m in, what do i do?

Each theme will be posted on this blog on the first Thursday of every month, and shared with my email community. You can join the email list by entering your information below. And when you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a free download “20 Blends for 2020: Pick Your 1 Word Resolution with Matching Roller Blend”!

Some Extra resources if you’d like to learn more

Lastly, the following are three resources that have inspired me to make small, incremental changes in our home that may help kick start your own journey in January. 

 environmental working group website and app

This is a non-profit organization and resource you’ll see me reference over and over in the next year. It’s a free resource that allows you to make more informed decisions about the products you bring into your home and put on and into your body.

There is a website with helpful product recommendations by category, as well as a phone app that allows you to scan the barcodes on many products in your home to see the safety rating of each item. Information is power, and once I started scanning products in my home I couldn’t go back.

Documentary: Stink

All about fragrances and toxins hiding out in the products you’ll find in your home, including your children’s pajamas. And this article by Heather Poole, one of the 5,000 American Airlines employees who got sick from the chemicals in their uniforms.

documentary: forks over knives

The importance of nutrition to our foundational health.

If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at aleks@theparentessentials.com! I can’t wait to get started and hear all about your successes this coming year!