When I set out to create this month’s challenge I had no idea how relevant it would be for the current Coronavirus situation. When we started integrating essential oils into our home, the most pressing health issue we were trying to address in our home was my then 2 year old daughter’s recurring croup. For over a year she was in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices getting treatment for respiratory issues related to this aggressive cough. We implemented an immune boosting protocol of supplements, natural syrups and essential oils that has had a significant positive impact on her health.

After that I was on a mission to replace all of the synthetic medicine in our home with natural solutions and essential oils. Though I believe that there is a time and place for modern medicine, I also believe that our bodies are far more capable of preventing illness and healing itself than we know! Over the years we’ve developed a habit (even my 3 and 6 year olds) of first asking “is there an oil for that?” when any health issue comes up!

As different issues came up for our family or my customers, I added the natural solution for each ailment to a document for easy access when we needed them. This document now has over 50 different ideas for solving everything from acne to fever, to coughs and back pain!

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Want to see an example recipe that we reach for regularly in our home? During the cold winter months and especially with all of the extra hand washing right now, we’re constantly reaching for oils to help with dry, cracked hands.

Dry Skin / Eczema Balm

Add the following oils to a 1/2 cup of your favorite natural body butter and apply as needed:
💛 15 drops Frankincense
💛 15 drops Lavender
💛 15 drops Helichrysum
💛 10 drops Myrrh
💛 20 drops Tea Tree

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