Our Story

Our Purpose Behind The Parent Essentials
Hi! So glad you stumbled upon our page and community seeking to support each other on this journey to improved health and wellness for our families!

I’m Aleks, mom to two active girls, Elie (5) and Charlie (3). By day I work full time in the technology industry, and by night, I dream big and hustle over at The Parent Essential headquarters (aka my dining room table).

My husband Julio and I met in 2008 and quickly bonded over soccer, a genuine curiosity about each other, and similar life and family values. We married in 2011 and with the help of an army of doctors and the love of our friends, we welcomed our IVF babies in 2013 (fresh cycle) and 2016 (frozen cycle).

Over the years as our life demands grew and we had two girls in full time daycare from the age of 5 months old, we encountered countless bouts of sickness and all time energy and mood lows.

All of our traditional doctor results continued to show that we’re all in “amazing health”, so why were we getting sick and feeling so drained? I was tired of hearing “you’re a mom, that’s just the way it is”.

In the summer of 2018 I decided to bring doTERRA essential oils into our home after being introduced to them by my cousin. Almost overnight we experienced positive improvements in our health and general feeling of wellness. We slowly began integrating doTERRA products into our home growing a deep appreciation for all of the ways they improved our home, minds and bodies.

As we began sharing these oils with friends and family, we were pleasantly surprised to see how these oils were helping their families. That love for sharing oils grew into our desire to help more families on their own journeys. The Parent Essentials was born!

If you have any questions about how oils can benefit your family or if we can help you get started with doTERRA, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact Us form or by emailing me at aleks@theparentessentials.com!